All New 2015 Honda Jazz 0

The Honda Jazz made its debut at the Geneva motor show in March and is set to go on sale in the United Kingdom this coming September, Honda previously sold 5.5 million Jazz models around the world in 2001 accounting for 40 per cent of all Honda UK sales.


2015-honda-jazzA 1.3 litre petrol engine will power the Honda Jazz hatchback, a will contain a six speed manual gearbox. Honda’s ‘Earth Dream Technology’ features in this new Jazz engine, which helps make it much more fuel efficient and produces a considerably less carbon dioxide than its predecessor. The 1.3 litre petrol engine has 100 break horse power, and can reach 0-62 miles per hour in just 11.2 seconds producing 61.4 miles per gallon.

New Design

Honda has made sure that the new Jazz model maintains a similar shape to the previous model, but has taken some inspiration from the new Civic hatchback and HR-V SUV. Overall the new Honda Jazz design is less boxy than its predecessor, as smoother lines and rounded edges can be noticed in more places.

Practicality was at the forefront of the new Jazz’s design specs, so the new car is 15 miler meters longer than the previous model. The wheelbase has also been increased by 30mm to increase the amount of interior space available, and the low boot lip also means buyers will have no problem loading awkwardly sized items into the boot of the vehicle.


Honda have designed a more user friendly and more simple dashboard in the new Jazz, but still has Honda touches with a steering wheel and dashboard layout similar to the latest Civic. While the Honda Jazz also features a large central speedometer, a red starter button, DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity, automatic headlights and wipers, Honda’s magic seats and also manual air conditioning.


Prices for the Honda Jazz start at £13,495, but could rise to £16,325 for a top spec model. Discounts of up to £1000 are available on the current Jazz model, so there might be a similar deal for the new model in the future.

Key Specs

Price: £16,325

Engine: 1.3 Litre 4 Cylinder Petrol

Power: 101 Break Horse Power

Transmission: Six Speed Manual, Front Wheel Drive

0-62mph/top speed: 11.2 Seconds/118 Miles per Hour

Economy/CO2: 55.4 Milles per Gallon/120 Grams per Kilos Meter