Ferrari to go hybrid 0

Ferrari has made a sensational announcement that they are set to include a hybrid engine in the upcoming Ferrari Enzo. Ferrari revealed more details of their plans at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show earlier this year.

Ferrari is no different…

It is not just the likes of Ford, Volkswagen and Nissan who have to cut down on their emissions and fuel economy, Ferrari must to follow the trend too. With fuel prices across the world reaching an all time high and Government emission guidelines becoming stricter, it is imperative that Ferrari find a way of becoming more economical. At the same time they must ensure that the performance of their vehicles is bettering that of the previous generation. Companies like Ferrari will experience more difficulties in carrying out such a task when compared to the mass car makers like those mentioned previously.

Electricity working alongside the V12 engine

It is Ferrari’s V12 engine which is the item that is set to be catered to allow a hybrid drive train to work alongside it. This will have cylinder deactivation combined with hybrid technology. In many respects this will allow Ferrari to keep much of the V12 engine’s philosophy and architecture, which is an important issue for the Italian company.

The Hy-Kers system

The V12 engine’s overall performance is expected to be increased by a huge 10 per cent after the hybrid upgrade. The vehicles traction control, brake force distribution and torque vectoring system will work splendidly alongside the new Hy-Kers system ensuring a phenomenal driving experience is provided.

Not one but two electric engines

Uniquely there will be two electrical engines. One will be mounted to the rear of the car working alongside the internal combustion engine. The other will work to power other internal features of the car including the air conditioning system, the power steering along with a power convertor.

A major weight increase

The lithium ion batteries add an unwanted 100kg to the car’s overall weight. However a Ferrari spokesman has claimed that this will not affect the car’s performance in anyway, leaving the weight distribution of the car to remain “optimal”. According the spokesman, the most appropriate places upon the vehicle were studied to check the most suitable area for weight gain.

What about the engine roar?

Typically with most electric cars, you drive in “full electric mode” up to a certain speed with the conventional petrol engine kicking in thereafter. Ferrari has taken a different stance for their hybrid. They believe that adopting this particular technique will dampen the philosophy of Ferrari vehicles. In other words, there will be no Ferrari roar from the engine. As a result both power sources will be used at all times when being driven so that famous engine noise can be heard at all times.

The cleanest Ferrari ever!

The electric motor was primarily drafted in for economical reasons. It will achieve its purpose in some style, according to Ferrari. Emissions are set to be reduced by a staggering 40 per cent. This will make this model the cleanest and most eco friendly Ferrari ever. The electric motor which works alongside the engine will have the responsibility of delivering power towards either of the Ferrari’s two clutches. This helps the car maintain a wonderful flow of energy, bringing together both petrol and electricity.

Will the Hy-Kers system push rivals aside?

Rivals are certain to stand up and take notice. Ferrari’s Hy-Kers technology will go to head with Porsche’s hybrid electric system upon the upcoming 918 Spyder, Jaguar’s C-X75 as well as McLaren’s upcoming P12. Expect the new Enzo to cost an absolute bomb. The cost of developing the technology will be reflected in the price tag. The Ferrari Hybrid is expected to take the automotive world by storm when it is finally released.