Ford KA 2016 set for November release 0

fordka2_zpsf403ad92Ford latest KA model has been seen cruising around without any disguise or prototype colours in the UK for the first time. The images so that it does indeed look very similar to the 2013 concept model whilst looking slightly longer and wider and more modern. The 2013 Ford KA Concept didn’t fulfil expectations so Ford will be hoping for a big improvement this time round.

Design and appearance

Ford hyped up its latest model saying it has a “bold design, quality engineering and innovative technologies”, and added to that it will be “a new choice for entry-level urban customers”. Ford’s new and upcoming small hatchback also looks fairly similar to the Ford Fiesta and is understood to be based and inspired from the most recent Ford Fiesta that can appeal to more customers providing more of a variety. This makes the big difference to the current Ford KA that was co-developed with the Fiat 500.


The new Ford KA 2016 will be cheaper and sit in a lower price category than the Ford Fiesta. The Ford KA 2016 will go up against the likes of Fiat 500, Seat Ibiza, Skoda Citigo and new Hyundai i10; these are all similar in size, similar under the hood and similar in price.

Rumoured specs

As well as the new images that have surfaced we also have some confirmed and speculated specs that will power the latest Ford KA. It’s being rumoured the model has a 1.5-litre diesel engine – most likely the 74bhp TDCi found in the current Fiesta, alongside this, we expect a range of naturally aspirated and turbocharged EcoBoost petrol engines.

Price and release

It will also be both longer and wider as mentioned above and Ford claims that five people can be seated comfortably with space. We expect the price to sit between the previous Ford KA and the previous Ford Fiesta. Expect Prices to be from £8000 which is very good for the size and modern specs. They are still yet to confirm other key details so we will keep updating as new news comes in before the rumoured November 2015 release.