Full Volvo S60 Cross Country Specs Released 0

The S60 is set to be Volvo’s first saloon to be produced as a cross country model, with the ride height of the vehicle being raised by 6.5 centimetres and will be sold with 4 wheel drive. Volvo is aiming the S60 at buyers who want the four wheel drive system of an SUV, but with the body of a four door saloon.


Volvo -S60Two engines will be available with the Volvo S60 in the UK; one of those will be a 187 break horse power 2.0 litre diesel engine with a four wheel drive system. This engine is currently being used in Volvo V40, with produces some impressive economy figures of 74.3 miles per gallon, emitting 99 grams per kilo grams of CO2. There will also be the choice of the four wheel drive 178bhp 2.4 litre diesel engine.

Tech & Price

There will be a few trim options to choose from for the Volvo S90, but the standard S60 is equipped with new alloy wheels, cruise control, and climate control along with a whole host of safety equipment. No official prices have been announced though, although average discount across the Volvo range is 15.4%, so the S60 Cross Country should be available with some large discounts on release.


The Volvo S90 will be the only executive saloon car with raised height when it hits the market, although there is a lot choice in the executive saloon market. Audi and BMW both offer competition with the A3 Saloon and the 3 Series respectively, and both beat the standard Volvo S90 and will all offer stiff competition.