Hennessy launches 300mph Venom F5 hypercar 0

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John Hennessy has unveiled the new Venom F5, a car he claims will become the fastest in the world.

Inspired by the F5 Tornado fighter jet, it’s hoped the Venom will produce speeds to match. Hennessy himself has hinted that it may become the first car to travel at 300mph.

Ahead of the unveiling, the American tuning house released a teaser image of the car next to a sign saying ‘Speed Limit 300 mph’.

The official world record for the fastest car is 258 mph currently held by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport World Record Edition; it’s a title Hennessy aims to poach in the near future.

Despite being a relatively small manufacturer, Hennessy has big ambitions but previous results show the company has a track record in notching extremely high speeds.

A previous hypercar, the 1,244bhp Venom, managed a speed of 270.49mph at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre Runway. The record was not validated however, as the run was made only in one direction and not both ways, as required to be legitimate.

The Venom F5 marks a departure for Hennessy. Normally the company takes car already capable of posting high speeds, then tunes them to make them faster. The Venom however, has been developed from scratch by a new division – Hennessy Special Vehicles, based in Texas.

Other than the teaser image, information about the car is thin on the ground. The company’s website says it will ‘produce more than 1,451hp and have a top speed exceeding 290mph.’

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