‘Ludicrous Mode’ revealed for the Tesla Model S 1


The Tesla Model S which already had an insane mode now has a ‘Ludicrous mode’ makes the model S even faster. It can now go from 0-60 MPH in 2.8 seconds, and can complete a quarter mile in just 10.0 seconds. To account for this new feature, the two engines now have a combined 762 horsepower, Mr Elon Musk the CEO also joked in a press release that they planning to reach even faster speeds than this.

Battery upgrade

The battery pack which adds the Ludicrous Mode to the Tesla Model S will be available to existing owners at £3,200 for the next six months, but new owners will have pay £6500. There is also a new 90 kilowatt-hour battery pack upgrade for the 85kWh Model S, this increases the range by five percent which will cost £2000, and also there has been a drop in price for the 70kWH rear drive Mode S, down to £45000.

Future for Tesla Motors

It’s Model X all electric SUV will be coming out in china as soon as 2016, Tesla first unveiled its SUV back in February 2012 where it stated that it would go for sale in 2013 but never did. And Tesla representatives in the United States denied responding towards the request to comment about the Model X, which has been slated in China. Tesla chief has said that once live the Model X is likely to double Tesla’s annual deliveries.


As for the pricing, it is still to be announced, but despite the lack of price details the auto company has started accepting a reservation fee of £3,200 from interested buyers since the car was revealed the price of the Tesla Model S is expected to be close to the one of the Model X. Tesla Model S prices differ based on the version; 60-kilowatt car costs £45,000 and the 85-kilowatt version costs £50,000.