New MG6 0

MG 6 - Sports CarIt has certainly been a very long time coming. Since 2005 and the loss of 6,500 jobs MG appears to have revived itself with the takeover from Chinese based company SIAC allowing the release the new MG6. MG’s first car arriving from their Longbridge factory for 15 years was merely a great surprise. Automotive enthusiasts may have had an idea that the car was arriving with previews coming from a year back.

The MP for Birmingham Northfield was in great spirits following this new arrival saying “Longbridge has been through dark days. But the greatest tribute we can pay to the heritage that made the name Longbridge synonymous with motor manufacturing throughout the 20th century is to build a future in the 21st century.”

The cars specific class in which it falls into is not quite clear. The car is bigger than that of a Ford Focus type of car yet smaller than a Ford Mondeo type of car. Drivers looking for a more compact type of car such as the focus or a larger type of family car could both sway and decide to go for the M6.

What other great news is there surrounding this car? Well it was engineered and designed by Brits. Many would describe the car as possessing sporty looks as well as being classy. Under first impressions the car looks great value for the price starting at £15,495. Extras such as alloy wheels are available but only for a higher price. A 1.8 litre turbo sits in the car generating power of 158 brake horse power. Future developments of the car will see a 1.9 litre diesel engine being developed along with a 2.0 litre turbo. Many experts have praised the car’s interior, in what does appear to look stylish. The handling as well as the comfort is also being hailed by many reviews. With the car also reaching 0-60 mph in 8.4 seconds, it would seem that the 1.8 version will suffice for now.

Not only is the new MG6 a boost for the British based car firm itself but for the UK car industry in general. Recently the recession saw a huge dip in sales for cars, giving the previous Labour Government no choice but to intervene by introducing a car scrappage scheme. Since that incentive, car sales have failed to pick up however experts are predicting that there will be more sales towards the end of the year.

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