Rolls Royce Sweptail – Luxury motoring like you’ve never seen before 0

Rolls-Royce-Sweptail-Luxury-motoring-like-youve-never-seen-beforeYou have to hand it to Rolls-Royce, their status as the world’s leading purveyor of luxury cars was never really at risk. No sooner had the young pretenders: Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz started rolling out their own hopeful attempts of cars that would monopolise the uber-luxury limo segment, that the iconic brand decided to reassert themselves by building the one-off, bespoke Sweptail coupe, reported to be the most expensive car in the world.

Taking inspiration from obvious – but certainly not vulgar – expressions of wealth such as private planes, vintage Rolls-Royces and super-yachts, the Sweptail was designed for one of the British car maker’s most valued customers, who couldn’t be seen slumming it, in one of the company’s ‘cheapo’ off the shelf editions.

Of course, Rolls would never be as uncouth to discuss price (all frightfully vulgar), but if reports are to be believed, then the Sweptail is in the £12.5 million pounds region – taking the title of most expensive known car to date.

Despite sharing proportions and lengths with a decent sized motor cruiser, the Sweptail can only fit two occupants. The rest of the room is reserved for luggage and artistic licsense.

No expense has been spared with the car’s interiors: Macassar Ebony and Paldao feature heavily. If truth be told, the Sweptail’s interiors heavily resemble a yacht deck.

The Sweptail takes design cues from a number of classic and vintage Rolls cars, including the Phantom I Round Door, Phantom II Streamline, Gurney Nutting Phantom II Two Door Light Saloon and 20/25 Limousine Coupe, all of which are also rare and exclusive in their own right.

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