The Ferrari F80 Concept 1

ferrarif80The Ferrari F80 concept was first seen back in August. It was never likely to make production but if it did, it would be able to hit an outstanding 1,200 BHP.

Adriano Raeli design

It was developed to provide inspiration for future Ferrari technology and designs. It was designed by Italian Adriano Raeli. He said he used the Next Generation Air Dominance Program (NGAD) in order to gain motivation for such a design. The NGAD Program is part of a military program to bring about the next launch of air superiority fighters. It sounds even better when considering that the design of the car was inspired by a fighter jet.

V8 hybrid engine

A twin turbo hybrid V8 which uses Ferrari’s KERS technology is placed within the car. At first it was thought that the V12 within the LaFerrari could be used. However power has not been compromised. Estimates on the car show that it will be able to reach 0 – 62 MPH in just 2.2 seconds and reach a top speed of just 310 MPH.

Enzo of the future

Some of have described the car as the Enzo of the future. We can see why. The car has a wonderful design with some very aggressive looking features. It has similarities not only to the Enzo, but to the LaFerrari too, using the similar features such as the sharp nose and an aggressive design at the back. The Ferrari has also been described as a road-legal F1 car. The concept certainly looks that way with its resemblance from many different angles.

If there was to be a replacement of the LaFerrari, something like the F80 could be it. Either way, the F80 concept will provide some sort of blueprint and Adriano Raeli will be asked for his input. We’d love for the car to be put into production someday.