The new Jaguar F-Type revealed 1

Jaguar has released official images of their new F-Type sports car. The release of such images may have been provoked by leaks on an American Facebook Page.

Nevertheless the car looks fantastic. The car will be displayed at the Paris Motor Show, due to begin next week. When looking at the vehicle, the car has been clearly influenced by the C-X16 concept which was famously showcased at the Frankfurt show last year.

The car is set to act a major rival to highly popular Porsche 911. It will be a two seater that will be rear wheel drive enabled. There will be a roadster version made available originally, like the 911 and a typical saloon being sold later on in the year.

Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar’s Global Brand Director said “As its sporting forebears did in their era, the F-Type will break new ground by delivering stunning sports car performance while vividly demonstrating Jaguar’s cutting-edge engineering technologies and world-class design excellence. The next step in Jaguar’s sporting bloodline is about to become reality.”

Jaguar has brought out a brand new generation of design. This is evident upon the new Jaguar F-Type. The headlights almost look like those placed on the GT86. The car has a great shape with the aggressive tone being set by the wide front grille.

The interior will be the next images to be released. There have been none released yet. It can be safely assumed that it will be based on the C-X16 concept vehicle. The interior design has also been given a more sophisticated and updated look. Older Jaguar vehicles did not have this much emphasis on the driver. Everything is designed to make it easier for the driver. The dials are larger. The seats are made of Alacantara leather.

The engine specifications have been released already. The 3.0 litre supercharged V6, a brand new edition will be catered for two power outputs, 335 BHP and 375 BHP. The 5.0 litre supercharged V8 has not had it’s power output officially confirmed as of yet. Experts believe the car will be able to produce around 450 BHP, not quite as powerful as the Jaguar XFR.

In order to keep the fuel costs as low as possible, the car will have stop start technology fitted as standard. The car is made up of lightweight aluminium construction, which will help the car’s speed, acceleration as well as it’s fuel economy.

The Jaguar F-Type looks like being a great car. More details will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show.