The Skoda Citigo 0

Skoda is planning to release a rival to the Volkswagen UP! in the form of the Citigo. With the Czech company currently expanding, one of their major targets is to place a successful entrant within the city car market, with the hope of raising the company’s profile.

The car will come as either a 5 door car or as a 3 door. As expected from cars within this market, it is comes with a small yet very efficient engines. It is expected that the car will emit 105g/km and 108g/km from a 59 bhp and a 74 bhp three cylinder petrol engines. Each will achieve the mpg ratings of just 62.8 MPG and 60.1 mpg. However certain sources have announced that even greener models will be available after launch. When these upgrades are set to occur, the cars are expected to achieve 67.3 MPG and 65.7 MPG, emitting just 97g/km and 99g/km of C02. These particular statistics will make the car exempt from the congestion charge in London and free from Road Tax.

The car has burst onto the scene with many already describing as the Volkswagen UP! Volkswagen plan to make the car a smash hit, with many already greatly anticipating it’s release. However, despite the prediction that Volkswagen will make an electric version of this car, there has been no such announcement from Skoda. Is it still possible? Do they need to make an electric version of the Citigo? Is there where customer demand is leading to?

On another note, Skoda has just seen recent success from the Yeti. Chinese sales have boomed. Other major automotive markets have also seen the car do very well. It would appear that Skoda are making huge steps towards succeeding in two different markets that are from the complete different end of the scale, being the SUV and city car market. There are plans to release a bigger SUV as well as introduce new cars from their range that enter different car markets.

You may not have to wait long if you want to get your hands on the car. The Skoda Citigo will be available to those who can’t wait next summer. The car is said to go on sale in the Czech market next year.