New drivers and penalty points 0

It has now become common knowledge that new drivers can’t afford to clock up 6 points within the first two years of them passing their driving test. Why? Because they risk becoming a learner driver all over again. That means taking both their theory and practical test all over again as well as having to apply for their provisional license. You will be spending more money and wasting your time unnecessarily, as points can always be avoided.

The reasoning behind this is because research shows that drivers, who have just passed their driving test, have more of a chance within the first two years of having an accident compared to any other period of them driving.  Statistics say that 1 in 5 will be involved in an accident in their first year of driving!  This scheme is to prevent dangers on the road and reduce deaths and injuries, as it appears that many new drivers are the cause.

New drivers should be careful and wary of speeding. This is a common offence and being caught just twice can lead to your license being taken away. A single speeding offence often incurs 3 points on your license as well as a £60 fine but more serious offences can incur 6 points. It is always a good idea to stick to the speed limit, not only for the sake of your license but for your own safety as well as other road users.

Young drivers are typically known to use their mobile phones whilst driving. This is not a good idea, it can prove to be a huge distraction to you whilst driving which could end up being fatal. If caught on your mobile you will get charged £60 and also get those unwanted 3 points on your license. This means drivers would be just 3 points away from having to take your practical test again.

Nobody wants to return to square one after working and spending so much to become a fully qualified driver, so why risk getting any points? If a new driver relies on their license for work, getting 6 points within two years will certainly prove to be a real headache.

Gaining a driving license from the start can prove extremely difficult to many, but once you qualify to become a new driver it’s much easier to lose it. Avoiding points on your license by simply being aware of your road habits and respecting your driving license can prove very beneficial.

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