New MOT checks 0

mot logoAs of today 20 new checks will be required for all MOT tests. The EU has devised the new tests to bring about the same technical standards in the UK as that throughout Europe.

Warning lights can now not be ignored, they have now become part of the MOT. Vehicle’s have become more sophisticated with previous MOT tests not covering what is necessary. The standard cost of carrying out an MOT test will not be affected the Vehicle and Operator Service Agency have confirmed.

These new checks have been in place since the start of 2012 but were on an advisory basis only. Now they will be part of the main agenda. The European Union is keen on bringing standards across Europe in terms of road safety to the highest level possible.

New inspections

The new checks will include brakes, suspensions, seat belt tensioners, brake fluid warning lamp, engine mountings, speedometer, electronic power steering indicator lamp, driver seat adjustment, airbags checks, steering wheel lock amongst many others.

Testing for new technology

The brand new laws are essential to see just how roadworthy a vehicle is. Vehicles have been made more sophisticated in recent time and current MOT tests do not cater for those. New MOT inspections are simply preparing for today’s modern technology and future implementations too. For example new electric motors will be tested separately for MOT tests.

Car service

A quality car service will help you avoid MOT failures in the first place. Car servicing inspects essential elements of your vehicle thoroughly. When important areas of your vehicle are well taken care of, this will prevent further action of more expensive work needing to be carried out.

It is important that motorists take action with warning lights and other such warnings. This type of work could end up being more costly when it comes down to getting an MOT test.

We view these new changes as a positive change towards the automotive industry. New and recent technology within vehicles have not passed through important test modules, deeming whether they are roadworthy or not. The new laws will bring about a greater deal of safety to our roads and prevent many potential dangers.