New motoring legislation takes away driver’s freedoms 0

New-motoring-legislation-takes-away-drivers-freedomsIn just three months a string of new motoring regulations have been introduced landing drivers with tougher penalties and harsher fines. Now drivers are saying enough is enough as more than a third claim it is limiting their freedom as a driver.

In March, a Fixed Penalty Unit was introduced for mobile phone users forcing guilty socialites to pay a hefty £200 fine and stomach six points on their license – for newer drivers this could just mean the end as gaining six points within two years of passing their driving test results in an automatic disqualification.

The very same rule applies to all things digital that connect to the internet be it an iPod, tablet, camera or even Sat Nav – you can no longer touch the navigation system while in motion either so let’s hope you don’t get lost mid-motorway. This new rule was brought in alongside a ban of backless booster seats for babies and children under 125cm tall or less than 22kg costing parents an extra £40 and then some to buy a newer model of car seat.

In the same month; week and in fact day, the HMRC published the latest advisory fuel notes for company car users to match rising fuel costs. This coincided with the news that road tax will be calculated on vehicle emission levels. This was introduced by Sadiq Khan in a bid to lower CO2 emissions on the roads along with a new Ultra Low Emission Zone in the capital. While that’s what it said on the tin, it is the owners of new electric vehicles which will suffer by incurring the £310 premium car supplement for vehicles over the £40,000 threshold – which many electric cars are.

There always is a cherry on the top of course and this seductive treat was for speeding. Those caught going over the limit will be given fines starting from 150% of their weekly income.

A new study by Servicing Stop, has found motorists increasingly fed up with these changes as more than a third say the new changes to motoring law limit their freedoms as a driver.

A quarter of motorists said the new regulations have been passed as a way of giving the government more money from fines and charges while others feel as though it was done to limit the amount of drivers on the roads.

Another controversial talking point is the diesel scrappage scheme where the government potentially pay owners of more polluting diesel vehicles up to £2,000 to scrap their current set of wheels and buy a new, ‘more environmentally friendly car’. Electric and hybrid vehicles, essentially the vehicles considered more efficient, are too the priciest of all vehicles and costing a lot more than the £2,000 incentive.

More than a third of motorists said they are against the scheme, almost a quarter said it has been done to make life harder for drivers while more than a fifth believing this too is a way to give the government more money.

CEO and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond, said: “It is a shame to see so many drivers disenchanted with driving. Being a car owner is meant to offer more freedom – to go further, to get there faster – but the string of new regulations that have been brought in have clearly done nothing

but make motorists feel watched, under scrutiny and limited in what they can and cannot do. I have said it once before and I will say it again, it has been proven that diesel is not the enemy in our polluting society and scrapping a diesel car will do nothing but offer the government more money and manufacturers or dealers more money from new car sales. I feel for all of us motorists as a whole, I really do, but so long as we’re sticking to the rules we won’t pay the price.”

This guest blog was written by Servicing Stop PR Executive Jacqueline Gordon.

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