New speed limits 0

The speed limits on Britain’s roads haven’t changed but the guidelines have. What does that mean? Well if motorists are caught driving over the speed limits then the punishment rules come under a different framework. Police Forces who decide to sign up are indeed allowed to enforce their own limits but these new guidelines have been put in place with councils deciding whether or not they wish to sign up and follow them.

Before when a certain speed was reached this would have meant a fine and points for the motorist, now the same speed will allow motorists to keep a clean drivers license by attending a speed awareness course.

This means that motorists will have the speed awareness course option when they are caught at below 42mph rather than below 39mph in a 30mph zone, below 53mph rather than below 50mph in a 40mph zone, below 64mph rather than below 61mph in a 50mph zone, below 75mph rather than below 72mph in a 60mph zone and below 86mph rather than below 83mph in a 70mph zone. Prosecution is still in the pipeline for motorists with speeds less than those mentioned however it can be dismissed completely with them taking up the speed awareness course.

The speed awareness courses are not compulsory, drivers do have the option to reject it and indeed accept a fine and points on their license. The speed awareness course is approximately 3 hours long and comes at a cost of around £100, with drivers only allowed to participate in the course once every three years.

The National Driver Offender Referral Schemes strategic course development board member Dr Fiona Fylan comments implied that the results of the course are proving to be positive so far. She said  “Preliminary results indicate that the course is highly effective, Those who attend indicate that they appreciate the opportunity to learn how to be safer drivers, and that they much prefer the option of attending a course to accepting points and a fine.”

However the new framework is not being taken too by some. There are critics seeing this as the government taking advantage to raise money by letting drivers break the law. This money is intended to be used for speed cameras that were decommissioned to be used again and also to fund new ones around the country. More fuel to the fire is added by the fact that using speeding ticket fines from motorists is not allowed anymore and financing for new cameras in general drying up.

We will have to wait and see whether these new speed guidelines going to make roads in Britain any safer.

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