Nissan reveal their own Nissan ‘Rogue One’ 0

Nissan-reveal-their-own-Nissan-Rogue-OneYou don’t have to be a massive Star Wars fan to know the last film was called Rogue One. In the US, Nissan sell a model of car called the ‘Rogue’. So guess what they’ve gone and done…

Well done. For the upcoming New York Motor Show, Nissan will be showing off the Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition. According to the Japanese manufacturer, this will be the first time there has EVER been a “production vehicle to include Star Wars-branded elements”.

So what’s involved? Okay, you get special stickers, badges, and some branded floor mats. You betcha!

More interesting though, is the car itself. It’s a one-off custom concept featuring lots of Star Wars-spec paraphernalia such as thrusters, blasters, side mirror Rebel logo projectors and even a astromech droid, inspired by an X-wing fighter. Boom!

This isn’t the only Star Wars themed Nissan Rogue at the show; they’ve also decked one out in orange and white, inspired by an X-wing pilot’s suit.

Perhaps it’s time for Nissan UK to release a Nissan X-Wing?

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