Our roads to be sold off 0

  • Roads in England to be owned by private companies
  • The biggest sell off since the rail privatisation
  • Road tolls could spread


David Cameron has released a statement saying that our motorways and trunk roads could be sold off with the roads being semi-privatised. Reasons behind the decision are said to be money. The England Government has admitted that there is simply not enough cash to fix the potholes and other problems which affect millions of road users every year.

The news comes just 2 days before the budget is released. Companies in China for example could take interest in the potential leasing of our road in England.

Falling behind

England’s road infrastructure is currently falling behind European competitors such as Germany. With no money to invest it is clear that drastic action will have to be made.

Help to kick-start the economy

The move will in effect help our economy reach prosperity once again according to Mr Cameron. This could act as a catalyst to kick-start our dipping economy and would therefore avoid a double dip recession.

Biggest deal since railway privatisation

If any deal is completed it will be the largest ever arrangement of its type since the railway was privatised back in the 1990’s.

New roads

This would allow the private companies to maintain the motorways and trunk roads. They would be able to operate on them and build new features. New roads, which are much needed in many parts of the country would the right amount of investment for work to begin.

Beat congestion but raise costs

There have some concerns from motorists that it may cost to drive on some major roads. Some sources have suggested that ‘Pay as you go’ roads may be introduced. This would help conquer the major problem of congestion which many of us seem to go through daily.

With congestion being tackled, the ultimate price of more costs to motorists may indeed force them off the road. With fuel prices on the rise by the week and with them reaching a record high, it will be difficult for many of us to afford the cost of driving with more toll roads.

Releasing pressure

Long term lease contracts of our roads to private companies have the potential to raise billions for the Treasury. With more money from the private sector coming into the economy, this would release pressure on the Government in terms of finance and investment.