Pollution Causes Mexico City to Ban One Million Cars 0

The capital of Mexico, Mexico City, has just banned more than a million cars from driving in the city as a means to stomp down on extremely high pollution levels causing thick brown smog across the capital.

More than one million cars were banned in the greater area of Mexico City and 450,000 within the city itself in order to deter air pollution as it reached 1.3 times the safety limit, causing the first air pollution alert in 11 years. Air pollution, as is well known, is very deadly and can cause multiple respiratory failures. Upon government advice, people were told to limit their time outdoor as a health precaution.


Cars are a well known cause of air pollution and therefore, in order to reduce pollution levels, they were banned for four straight days. According to a NASA report, automobiles create the most amount of green house gases by a very high margin.

But people still need to get to work and travel, so what happened next? Instead of driving, residents of Mexico City were offered free subway and bus rides in order to support those who travel.

With an estimated 5.5 million cars driven daily in the Mexican capital, the government decided to rotate which cars were not allowed to drive in the city on certain days whilst the restrictions were in place. In order to combat the amount of pollution that is caused by cars in Mexico City, there is talk of car owners legally having to get regular smog checks on their vehicles alongside a large crackdown on older or heavily polluting vehicles.

Could this be a lesson that many other cities that face the same problem learn from? It only took 4 days for the pollution levels to drop drastically so it is certainly worth considering, right?