Range Rover: ‘Chelsea tractor’ officially most popular luxury vehicle in Kensington and Chelsea 0

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It was initially just a derogatory term used to describe the unnecessarily large and powerful SUVs prowling the streets of West London, but recent research has revealed that Chelsea Tractors (or Range Rovers as they’re officially known) are officially the most popular luxury vehicle in Kensington and Chelsea.

Research by the classified ad website CarGurus has shown the Range Rover to be top of the tree as the luxury car of choice in the borough. In other affluent areas of the UK, the BMW 3 Series was the most searched for premium vehicle.

The nickname was originally coined to describe the disproportionate amount of huge 4x4s swamping the streets of Kensington and Chelsea, being used for tasks such as the school run as opposed to their original intention of off-road driving.

The data also showed that wealthy Liverpudlians chose the Jaguar XJ Series as the luxury vehicle of choice; Glaswegians meanwhile preferred the Range Rover Sport.

Coventry goes for the Jaguar XF and Mancunians favour the Audi Q7.

CarGurus spokeswoman Sarah Welch said: “This data shows that the Chelsea tractor isn’t just a stereotype, but actually is the vehicle of choice for those lucky enough to live in the prestigious royal borough.

“While the BMW 3 Series looks like a firm favourite amongst other wealthy districts, it’s also interesting to see wider UK shopping patterns emerge, such as residents in Coventry staying loyal to their local Jaguar manufacturer.”

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