Britain has the angriest drivers in the world 0

roadrageIt’s official, British drivers are worst at keeping their cool on road. Studies revealed that Britain is the worst when it comes to road rage, not just in Europe but in the world.

Europe occupying the majority at the top

France and the Czech Republic came in second and third place. Clearly these are positions which neither country would be proud of. European countries dominate the top 10 positions. Australia, India and the United States are the only countries within the top 10 which are not within Europe.

Measuring the types of road rage

The research shows that British drivers are more likely to be on the wrong end of verbal abuse and aggressive gestures. In the UK, motorists are also more likely to execute manoeuvres, such as blocking another driver, with their vehicle. Out of twenty nations, the UK was rated the highest in these specific categories.

Driver distraction

Driver distraction whilst behind the wheel is also a major issue here in the UK.

UK drivers are high up on the list for eating and being on the phone whilst behind the wheel. Despite major Government road safety campaigns to prevent such drivers being distracted it still seems that the issue has not been tackled properly yet.

Winter dangers on the road

Ignorance of the dangers of winter weather by British drivers is also a major issue.

The cold weather can severely affect your car, leading to breakdowns and dangerous situations on surfaces such as ice and snow. It is important to get your vehicle inspected for a winter check-up. Many accidents are preventable with basic checks applied to your vehicle during winter.

Ensure that your tyres have suitable tread and grip. The recommend tread grip is 3mm. One of the biggest issues is that of car batteries. Cold weather makes it more difficult for them to function as normal. Having a car battery which is in good health will certainly be beneficial.

Preventing congestion a definite solution

The research was published by LeasePlan UK. Matt Dyer, the director of the company, has stated that improving the road network is a key aspect in improving the morale of drivers. This would then in effect help road rage levels to decrease. With less congestion, drivers would not feel as anxious or angry whilst on their journey.

Can the Government bring about less congestion and traffic? It is certainly something which is easier said than done.