Car Safety Technology 1

There are many new advanced technologies which have been implemented within cars to provide safety for drivers and passengers. These features are standard within most new cars and are being utilised effectively, preventing accidents, near misses and fatalities.

Electronic Stability Control is built within all new vehicles. It’s a piece of technology that is used in order to prevent crashes and accidents. This particular technology aims to lessen the pressure of when a driver may oversteer or understeer, which can cause skids. Software works together with various components of the car in order to automatically apply braking which ensures that the car turns the way it was intended to when any oversteer and understeer is detected.

Emergency brake assist is a technology that uses programming logic in order to detect when a driver is attempting to make an emergency stop. In such an event the car is brought to a halt quicker as pressure is applied to the brakes rapidly.

During darkness crashes can be blamed simply due to poor visibility. Adaptive headlights pivot which allows the lights to follow the direction in which the car is driving, ensuring that drivers have the clearest possible view of roads ahead. As typical headlights can shine ahead only, oncoming motorists can be blinded when turning corners which can indirectly cause accidents. Manufacturers have different variations of this technology with many deciding to opt for it, as it can prevent many crashes.

Airbag technology has advanced progressively throughout its existence. During the beginning, when airbags were called into action they used to be set only for a specific passenger size, in turn making them dangerous which at times defeated the object.  The airbag system of today ensures that when they are utilised they are more effective and safer for passengers and drivers alike. The technology can indeed detect a person’s height, weight and their width. The measurements may not be perfect but the airbags are now designed to be utilised in a safer way according to the type of passenger it is intended for.

These are just a few glimpses into different car safety technologies. Many would find that the fact cars are becoming safer and safer very welcoming news. Logically safety features of a car can be a big selling point. The element of safety within the car and how it can protect its driver and passengers is a big factor when people decide to purchase a vehicle. Technology that cleverly implements different safety features within cars is being heavily researched and developed by many car manufactures. Many people could argue that the best piece of technology is yet to be seen…

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