Dangers of potholes 1

Recently it was announced that councils are to get an extra £100m to sort out the hazardous potholes around Britain. At first this sounded like great news to many road users for obvious reasons. However it was discovered that billions of pounds are actually need to bring the roads up to an acceptable standard. This clearly has caused outrage for many, as they may wonder where their road tax is going. Not to say that the millions of pounds are not welcome but the fact that it has been suggested that indeed billions of pounds are now needed, puts into perspective the condition of Britain’s roads. Clearly a backlog must be attended too with even more funding needed.

Potholes arise naturally from the road surface being used. Overtime the surface will crack due to the road the pressure of the traffic. However some potholes are not created over a period of time, some may form overnight. Certain weather conditions such as cold weather can cause cracks underneath the ground to contract or expand.

The cold snap recently in 2009/2010 proved that Britain was unable to cope with horrendous conditions, with accidents and insurance claims soaring. The funding comes after a £100 injection to deal with future similar occurrences. The roads were also severely damaged from the previous winter, with this funding intended to rectify that too. According to a recent report, it is estimated that potholes will cost on average £3million a day to fix!

Utility and telecom companies are also getting the blame for the majority of potholes by some road experts. Plenty of them dig up roads often by that causing major traffic jams. The amount of speed bumps are also rising which again can encourage potholes.

Potholes can cause hassle not only to the public but for the government too. The council may be liable to pay compensation for anyone injured during an accident caused by a pothole. There are many dangers arising from your car coming into contact with a pothole. Your car could flip over, puncture a tyre, damage your suspension etc. Certain types of car damage can inevitably lead to injuries of the drivers and passengers of the car, such as a broken back, whiplash, broken arm etc. There really is no end to the possibilities of damage and injuries that may occur to a car or the driver.

It can be described as vital that potholes are dealt with. It is costing millions of pounds in damages to cars all over Britain. Not only that but it is also endangering lives.

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