How to avoid road rage? 1

Road rage has been a serious problem for many years throughout Britain. It’s something that can and needs to be avoided at all costs. There is absolutely no reason for it and it just causes trouble and can lead up to things such as injuries, a criminal record or even death.

But what can cause road rage?  With Britain being considered small and with an estimated 33 million cars on the roads, it can be easy to discover reasons why drivers may clash. There may be tailgaters who follow others too closely, drivers who exceed the speed limits reaching ridiculous speeds, people weaving through other cars etc. The best thing a driver can do is not to retaliate or react, just ensure their own safety and not to do the same.

In order to avoid future occurrences of road rage and any possible fatal incidents, drivers must keep learn how to act in various situations to events that may occur on the road. Clever drivers are prepared for idiocy and stupid mistakes from other motorists. If another driver does decide to overtake you without indicating or holds you up when they have absolutely no right of way, don’t let it get to you personally. Situations like this occur to almost every driver, just learn how to deal with it.

Other drivers may intimidate you on the road. They may be asking for violence by shouting or gesturing. The most appropriate way to deal with a situation like this is not to react and simply stay calm. Why confront someone? It could lead to you getting seriously hurt, who knows what the other person is capable of. On the other hand you could end up getting in trouble with the police. The police wouldn’t accept any kind of excuse for violence, so you could end up with a criminal record for basically nothing. Exiting your car in order to face another driver is never a good idea under any circumstances; it can only lead to something negative.

Don’t be rude and arrogant whilst driving. If you have made a mistake, accept, acknowledge and apologise for this. If a driver has gone out of their way to help you by giving you way, then be polite and thank them. Don’t drive off not even acknowledging them, otherwise tempers may get flared.

Imagine if all drivers did this? Imagine all drivers kept their cool in tempered situations, were understanding and polite and didn’t drive stupidly or dangerously? There would be hardly any reason for road rage!

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