Unfinished business on UK roads 0

UK road projects are not receiving enough attention for them to be completed effectively, according to the RAC.

Unfinished business

Currently there are just too many unfinished projects which is quite a worrying prospect. Not only do many drivers across the country have to deal with horrendous traffic daily, a combination of unfinished road projects along with more cars being added to our roads will cause havoc.

The RAC Foundation Report

The RAC predict that millions of cars are set to be added to our roads in the upcoming years. The exact figures quoted by the breakdown and recovery company are 4 million cars over the next quarter of a century. That’s quite a scary figure indeed considering our roads are already quite congested as it currently stands.

The anticipated additions have derived from a report researched by the RAC foundation. The report explained how the Government hasn’t taken any action to deal with the anticipated addition to cars on UK roads. A quote from the RAC foundation reads “Ministers have not explained what plans they have to cope with the bleak picture painted by their own numbers”.

The RAC Foundation Director, Professor Stephen Glaister, emphasised his disappointment at how nothing is being done to reduce future problems. He said “Forget about Plan B, ministers do not even have a Plan A for dealing with the awful conditions forecast for the roads in the years ahead. It is a case of jams today, and even more jams tomorrow.

“The Department for Transport’s own figures show that by 2035 traffic is set to rise by almost 50% and delays by more than 50%. And these are only average figures.”

Road Minister

Road’s Minister, Mike Penning, defended the current situation and highlighted the Government’s dedication to sorting out our roads. He was quoted to have said “Transport investment was treated as a priority for government in the spending review and we have committed £4 billion on Highways Agency major projects, capital maintenance and enhancements.

“This substantial investment, alongside funding for the local road network, will drive economic growth and boost the UK economy.An independent review of the Highways Agency is also under way to examine options for improving the efficiency, effectiveness and performance of our strategic road network.”

We believe the RAC foundation have a very good point with them stating there is a number of projects which have not received the attention and funding it needs.  Progression needs to made if UK roads are to less congested.

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