Rural Roads Are the Most Dangerous in the Britain 0

Are rural roads the most dangerous in Britain and if so, why is this?

Just to clarify what a rural road actually is, the department for transport has defined a rural road as a major or minor road outside of an urban area. It may therefore be an ‘A’ or ‘B’ road amongst others.

Britain’s rural roads according to a survey are the most dangerous roads for motorists to travel down. The U.K.’s road network can be divided into accidents and the amount of traffic that flows through them on an annual basis. The government have released statistics which show that motorways carry 21% of Britain’s traffic and are only responsible for 5% of all transport related fatalities. Built up roads actually account for 44% of all fatalities. This sadly means that rural roads account for 51% of all transport related fatalities.  The government also released a statistic which states that almost three people a day are killed on rural roads across the country each year. Also, in 2014, 10,019 people were killed just on rural roads.


According to further government research, cyclists and cars are two times more likely to be killed on a rural road per mile. This statistic then increases for motorcyclists who are three times more likely to be killed on a rural road per mile. Is there a reason for this? Most possibly, on the rural roads there are more dips, blind bends and distractions that may cause driver distractions such as hedges and cattle.

As well as this, the three most dangerous roads in Britain have also been released. And, as you can imagine, they are all rural roads. The A18 in Lincolnshire (according to the Road Safety Foundation) is the most dangerous road. The A36 in Hampshire comes in second whilst the A588 in Lancashire is sadly third. All these roads set to demonstrate just how dangerous rural roads can actually be.

If you are to drive down one, always take extra precaution.