Servicing Stop launches repairs website 0

Servicing-Stop-launches-repairs-websiteNot satisfied merely being leaders of the online car servicing and MOT sector alone, Servicing Stop has now moved into the repairs business.

The company which is now officially the UK’s fastest growing car servicing provider – best known for its free and convenient car collection and delivery service – has just launched its very own repairs website.

Still offering 60% less than main dealers and a 12-month parts and labour guarantee, the company is now providing repairs alongside its services and MOTs.

Servicing Stop recently conducted research amongst its network of more than 1,500 garages spread throughout the UK which found that 37% of revenue came from repairs alone. With this in mind the company have branched out into the previously untapped repairs market in order to provide even more business to garages and more affordable repairs to drivers.

Servicing Stop maintains a consistent high standard of quality across its network by only using highly skilled mechanics, qualified technicians and government-approved garages that must first pass a comprehensive assessment.

Before becoming a Servicing Stop network member, a garage is subject to a thorough review of their financial data, insurances, accreditations and automotive expertise. These safeguards remain in place throughout a garage’s partnership with Servicing Stop. Customer satisfaction scores are constantly monitored as well as their cost and compliance to service schedules.

This launch coincides with new figures (released this week) which revealed the cost of repair bills rising 32% over the past three years to £1,678. In a bid to make car ownership affordable, Servicing Stop will offer the same discounted prices across its repair site.

With the fear of vehicle parts becoming more expensive in a ‘post-Brexit Britain’, the servicing provider hopes it can retaliate by keeping servicing and repair bills at a minimum.

CEO and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond said: “We are the UK’s leading online servicing provider, now we want to make the same impact on the repairs market. Seeing just how many of our customers come to us for repairs alone, we decided it was time to devote more staff, time and garages to repairing vehicles for an affordable rate and providing more business to our partner garages in the process.”

This guest blog was written by Servicing Stop PR Executive Jacqueline Gordon.

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