Smoking in your car can depreciate value by £2,000 0

Driver smoking a cigarette

Despite increasing efforts to make the habit as difficult as possible, there are still 7.6 million smokers in the UK.

If you’re one of them, you might want to reconsider sparking up in your car from now on. Research released by buying advice website has found that cars in which the previous occupant had smoked could be worth up to £2,000 less than one that hasn’t.

The survey asked 6,000 people whether they would consider buying a car that had been smoked in. An overwhelming 87% said no. The responses backed up similar findings from automotive data experts CAP-HPI, who calculate depreciation to value caused by burns, stains and smells.

Many smoking car owners don’t appreciate the damaging consequences that cigarette smoke has on vehicle interiors. Adam Eaton at car care company Gtechniq, said repairing the damage can be costly.    

“There are lots of products on the market that claim to remove [the effects of smoke], but these are often not effective,” he said. This is due to the fact that smoke gets ingrained in a vehicle’s upholstery and simply letting the interior air, won’t effectively purge the smoke damage and odour.

Even in less severe cases the damage to your wallet can be considerable. Gtechniq recommends steam cleaning, antibacterial treatments and wet vacuuming – which can cost up to £150.

Even cleansing cars that are only occasionally smoked in can be pricy. Gtechniq  recommends steam cleaning, antibacterial treatments and wet vacuuming. This cost of this treatment can be as much as £150.

That means the advice is pretty simple. Carbuyer Editor Stuart Milne put it like this: “Not only does our research show that a car that’s been smoked in will be harder to sell on, but it could also cost you thousands.

“Bearing this in mind, it’s far better to pull over and get out before you light up.”

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