STROLL TOLL – How far do YOU have to walk from your car to home? 0

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Published in The Sun, written by Joe Finnerty, researched by Servicing Stop PR Executive Jacqueline Gordon.

DRIVERS are being forced to walk miles every week just getting from their cars to their front door.

A third of Brits are faced with a 100 metre dash every day down their street because they can’t park close enough to their house.

A survey by Servicing Stop revealed some have to park up to 300 metres away from their homes as “no parking zones” increase.

And while some drivers have the luxury of a driveway, just over half were able to park inside 50 metres of their front doors.

Parking proximity wasn’t the only problem for drivers leaving their cars overnight.

The study also found 57 per cent dread leaving their motor in a town centre for fear it might get vandalised.

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Station car parks – popular stop offs for drivers who’ve had a boozy night in the city – are also a concern for motorists worried about midnight thieves.

Some people said they were even concerned about parking outside their own house because of the area they lived in.

Oly Richmond, founder of Servicing Stop, said: “Parking has always been a hot topic in the motoring world – not enough parking in some areas and no protections for parking in others.

“While it’s a known fact that it’s a race to get the prime parking space outside your street door unless of course you have a drive, it’s shocking to see just how far drivers have to walk to park up in the evening.”

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