Superman Here to Help Mitsubishi 0

Yes it is true; the motoring world’s very own superman is here to help the disgraced Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi. This time round we know the actual identity of superman and it is the French-Lebanese car guru Carlos Ghosn.

Carlos Ghosn, as both CEO of Renault and Nissan, is regarded as one of the best business men in the world. In 2000, Ghosn was sent over from Renault to save the failing Japanese company Nissan. After creating a partnership with the French company and making some drastic business decisions including cuts and severing business links, Nissans fortunes have drastically turned around. Now, Ghosn has to work his magic with Mitsubishi.


After the recent emissions scandal which Mitsubishi have been in, they have seen their stock values crash, sales plummet and consumer trust wiped. With a stock crash of 40 percent, Nissan then moved in and bought a 34 percent stake in the company. After the $2.2 billion buyout, Nissan are now a majority shareholder. With this, they can add four members to the board and place a CEO of their choice; it is highly unlikely that Ghosn will not take that role himself.

An alliance will certainly be beneficial for all companies. The Renault-Nissan alliance for example has ended any political or cultural fighting whilst also allowing for costs to be brought down through the sharing of technology, platforms and powertrains. With Mitsubishi now a member, the alliance will only get stronger. Furthermore, Southeast Asia has been a market of which Nissan have wanted to enter for some time and now they have a means to accomplish this as Mitsubishi still remains popular in that region.

Ghosn is, as we have stated, the superman of the car world and we are sure that he will change the fortunes of Mitsubishi in no time at all.


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