TERROR ON THE ROADS – why banning vans is just the start of the solution 0

TERROR ON THE ROADS - why banning vans is just the start of the solution

This is a guest blog written by Servicing Stop PR Executive Jacqueline Gordon.

In the wake of recent terror attacks across the UK and Europe, motorists are now fearing the worst; terrified of becoming victim to a violent car-jacking or driving behind a car that could potentially detonate.

Marseille, Barcelona and Catalonia became the latest hosts to terrorism last week as rental vehicles were used to plough into both a bus top and pedestrians, killing 14 and injuring over 120.

The attacks mirrored atrocities in Nice, London Bridge, Westminster, Germany and Finsbury Park where terrorists used rental vehicles as their weapons of mass destruction.

In the wake of these terror attacks, the Home Office and Department for Transport are in talks with car industry officials to introduce a tougher screening process regarding vehicle hire, but while the rental industry is put under pressure, motorists everywhere are fearing the worst.

As almost all of the recently publicised European terror attacks took place on the roads, we spoke to motorists to find out exactly how they feel about terror.

The results are shocking, revealing that motorists are scared of running into terror on the roads – terrified of falling victim to a violent car jacking or a detonating vehicle.

More than half said their biggest concern was being driven into by another car during an attack (54%) while over a quarter fear becoming a victim of a violent car-jacking (25%). More than one in five said they are concerned about driving behind a car that could detonate (21%).

Just under a quarter of the 1,222 motorists surveyed also said they now avoid driving into UK cities in a bid to reduce their risk of encountering a terror attack. Does this mean the threat of terrorism is now taking over our lives?

Despite fearing the worst, 88% of motorists said they still feel safer driving than using public transport while 12% said buses, trains and the tube were the safest travel options.

It’s currently a terrifying time as terror attacks unfold in all corners of the world. While we once feared explosions and suspicious packages, we now fear the most ordinary of household items – even questioning cars and anyone behind the wheel.

Motorists are now more vigilant than ever as to who is driving the car next to them and it seems driving the distance into major cities is a no-no for many drivers completely.

While the risk of being involved in a terror attack remains low, the heightened media attention given to recent terror attacks has created a society of fear – one that in time will hopefully start to eradicate.

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