The £170,000 Ferrari…quad bike 2

Today we report on the news that Ferrari and BMW features have combined not to develop a car, but to develop a spectacular quad bike.

We would have liked to share that the two companies have built a brand new supercar (Imagine how great that would be) but the quad bike is almost just as interesting.

A powerful machine

Manufacturers Lazereth and Wazuma V8 have developed what is an over whelming powerful quad bike. It’s top speed is said to be over 150 MPH coming from its 250 BHP engine. In order to control the tremendous power, Brembo brakes have been installed which not only make the bikes braking power quite substantial but also adds the bikes fantastic design.

Unique design

The unique design as well as the production was done by a company called Lazareth. From certain angles the quad bike looks like it just has three wheels. Lazareth were aiming for that particular look with the two front wheels being linking together.

The value of it is the same as a powerful supercar, with the quad bike commanding a price of £170,000. Just before someone decides to spend that kind of money on it, they should know that it is not road legal at the moment. It’s such an exclusive bike that it will only be on sale on This particular website is aimed at billionaires only and works in the same way Auto Trader does.

The stunningly looking quad will be purchased by race track enthusiasts along with those who may want to ride around in style on private land.

Engine: The engine has been built by Ferrari with it producing power of 250 BHP. That’s more than your average car!

Engine management: The vehicles engine management is easily done through software that is accessible through a computer.

Top speed: The quad bike is able to achieve speeds of over 150 MPH.

Wheels: The alloys are 18 inches with 285-30zR18 sized wheels at the front with the rear of the bike receiving 315-30ZR18.

Weight: The quad bike weighs 650 KG which is considered quite light for the quad

Suspension: The quad bike has four horizontal shock absorbers which were custom made by EMC

Gearbox transmission: The six speed gearbox is made by BMW.