The 2014 Nissan Qashqai 1

nissan_qashqai_diesel_2014_front_0Nissan first released the Qashqai in 2007, since then it has been a huge success. It was one of the first cars to combine 4×4 styling with hatchback running costs, and this formula quickly turned it into a best seller. The car incorporates the strengths of the original model, however,  it offers more room, up to date technology and along with better fuel economy and sharper handling.

Nissan maintains the latest model has made great strides in other areas too, most notably cleaner engines, improved interior quality and ride and handling.

There are lots of new specs available, and there’ll be a version that emits less than 100g/km of CO2. Finally, prices are only up a shade over the previous model – you’ll still be able to pick one up from £17,000, rising to around £27,000. There will be three types of engines available with the new 2014 model, the 1.5 dCi diesel, which is currently only front-wheel drive manual, however it brings a friendly 99g/km CO2 from 110PS. The 1.6 dCi, which brings 20PS more, and the choice of a CVT automatic transmission and four wheel drive plus 115PS 1.2litre DIG-T petrol, which replaces the old 1.6. A higher powered petrol, the 1.6 DIG-T with 163PS will be launched in September 2014.

Highly advanced systems include active ride technology, this technology monitors the wheel speed to sense any faults in the car ride. The new active trace control system tracks the trajectory of the car and mimic a limited slip differential to improve traction. Finally, as newer cars have hill start assistance, this will also be included to make it easier to start the car on steep roads.

There are several new gadgets and up to date technology within the car. Top model specifications get traffic sign recognitions, motorway lane departure warning and blind spot systems that will warn the driver if a passing car is out of sight from the mirrors. There is also a front collision evasion system, that scans the road ahead by using a built-in radar system to stop the car if it detects a possible accident.

The Nissan Qashqai since its release in 2007, has done extremely well. Now it has been improved an awful lot surely it will no doubt be a success like the previous model. It drives better, handles more confidently, has a cleaner range of engines and fuel consumption is very good. Therefore, the car has become more sophisticated and matured.