The end of the Jaguar XK 0

The production of the Jaguar Xjaguar xkK  is due to come to and end it has been announced. This summer the XK will make way for some new sports models.

The car has been on sale for eight years and has sold a tremendous 54,000 units. The news, which has been confirmed by Jaguar will come as a blow to many enthusiasts of the sports car. The reasoning behind the decision shows that the company are looking  at the bigger picture and want to make room for more models, stating they have a “wider strategic vision and product planning cycle”.

Another reason is that sales within the luxury GT segment have sunk quite a bit over the past few years. The XK now sells 4,000 models a year, a figure which has been deemed too low by Jaguar.

The F-Type Roadster and the Coupe are in showrooms at the moment. Jaguar feel that customers who are searching for vehicles within this segment will find exactly what they are looking for.

Jaguar are creating a new platform for their models, named the iQ aluminium platform. This is hoped to reduce complexity within the production of the vehicles. The company’s new Solihull plant will see the XE being made within the factory as the very first vehicle to come off the production line. The car will go on sale in the beginning of 2015.

Jaguar’s concept C-X17 SUV will have a production version of the vehicle coming in 2016  rumours suggest. In time replacements for the XF and XJ will be made, with speculating suggesting that this could be as soon 2016.

As of yet there has not been a confirmed replacement. However this still remains a possibility for the future but is not a major priority right now.

Rumours have been flying around that a flagship 2+2 sports car could be developed. However if it is eventually produced, it will only come after a line of strong selling core models have settled within the market.

Jaguar earlier in the year announced that the XK range will be made available with a substantial price cut. The Signature model, will based more luxury with the Dynamic R model being based on the XKR.

Although it maybe considered a loss for many fans, perhaps the time was right announce the end of the Jaguar XK.