The Eterniti Hemera SUV debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show 0

A newly created British luxury car company, Eterniti, have debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show with a spectacular looking SUV, named the Hemera.

The company who are based in London are a unique type of car manufacturer. Their cars are exclusive and will available only to the rich, at the very highest end of the scale.

Great quality within

Cars are hand built in London to exceptional quality. Special features will help distinguish the luxury car from the rest. There will be iPads, electric seats that can also recline to go along an interior full of luxury and style.  The ride is said to be comfortable with it resembling that of a chauffeur car.  It is unlikely that anyone would complain about sitting in such a car.

Unique looking car

The rear of the Eterniti looks quite spectacular. The ridged back bumper with twin exhausts that are embedded with the car give away the fact the car is extremely powerful. It also helps to make the car look further intimidating and aggressive, in a good way. When looking at the car your eyes are straight away attracted to the huge alloys. They are not only large in size but have a nice indented curve with an eye-catching pattern.

Expected to be powerful

The Eterniti Hemera is the first model to be released by the company and will be put into production next year.  So far, there haven’t been many details released about the car in terms of specification and performance. However there have been suggestions that the car will be able to produce a mind blowing 620bhp with a top speed of 180mph.


The Hemera was a brilliant way of introducing the London Company into the automotive industry. Will the company actually succeed? They are targeting a market that has the choosiest customers. There probably won’t be a steady succession of sales with small profits, rather rare amounts of sales that equate to large profits.

The car overall can’t receive enough praise, from what is known so far. We believe that the car will be a major success with the company going that extra mile with car that they develop. With a price tag of £150,000 for the very first Eterniti, you wouldn’t expect anything less.

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