The ideal price of tyres revealed and it might be pricier than you think 0

tyre-stack-2017-07-311A new survey has revealed the most popular tyre brand in the UK and just how much penny-pinching can be motorists when it comes to paying for them.

Servicing Stop, the UK’s largest online car servicing provider, asked more than 1,200 motorists what they thought was a reasonable amount to spend on a new tyre and it may be more than you think.

More than a quarter said they are willing to spend up to £80, almost one in five are willing to go up to £100 and a further 4% even said that £160 was a reasonable price to pay. The most popular price bracket however was between £41 and £60 with just under a third claiming it is the most reasonable amount to pay.

So while most motorists stick to a £60 budget others are happy to splash out just under £650 for all four tyres; but, when it comes down to branding it seems motorists stick to what they know.

Michelin tyres ranked as the most popular among motorists with almost one in five claiming it is the best brand of tyre they have ever used. The second most popular is apparently Goodyear followed by Dunlop, Pirelli and Continental while brands including Kumho, Maloya, Rotalla, Vredestein and Nokian attracted just 1% of motorists.

The survey also quizzed drivers on how they look after their tyres and how prepared they are for emergencies – it seems overall drivers are on the ball as 79% said they keep a spare in the boot.

When asked how they look after their tyres generally, motorists held their hands up to a range of chores. 86% said they do so by maintaining good tyre pressure, 70% said they check tread depth, 58% said they regularly check for external damage while a further half avoid sudden braking and road issues such as potholes.

CEO and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond, said: “Tyres while not the most talked about of all car parts are the most vital part of any car and looking after them is just as important as checking your brakes or engine.

“I didn’t expect to see so much awareness and proactiveness already surrounding tyre health but it’s fantastic to see. It’s also interesting to gain an insight into what brands motorists use and how much they are willing to pay!”

This is a guest blog written by Servicing Stop PR Executive Jacqueline Gordon.

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