The Mitsubishi Saga A Few Days Later… 0

The Mitsubishi Saga A Few Days LaterJust last week it became apparent that Mitsubishi were caught in their own emissions scandal. Unlike Volkswagen, whose scandal affected 11 million cars globally, the Mitsubishi scandal affects only Japanese cars. But, there is now new information on the scandal which changes the whole dynamic for the Japanese car manufacturer.

It is now apparent that Mitsubishi have been cheating the emissions tests for over 25 years. So, this scandal dates back to around 1991 and affects around 620,000 mini-cars that are active in Japan. The main vehicles affected are the eK Wagon, eK Space and Nissans Dayz and Dayz Roox. Mitsubishi were contracted to build these two cars and, it was Nissan who ultimately discovered the anomalies in the emissions testing.

Mitsubishi, who like Volkswagen, are releasing more and more information as they are probed more by the law courts. But, to quickly sort out the scandal, they have established an independent body, made of three lawyers, to investigate all the details of the scandal and get to the bottom of who is to blame. Although at the moment, Mitsubishi’s president seems to think that it is the fault of the employees. Whilst the employees on the other hand, blame intense pressure to hit emissions targets as the main reason for the scandal. The company have revised their emission results five times between 2011 and 2013 but unfortunately, they still couldn’t compete with other rival manufacturers. At this moment in time, it is too difficult to know who actually is to blame. We will know sooner or later however.

Since the scandal, Mitsubishi have lost half of their market value wiping $1.2 billion off their market worth. It is going to be very difficult for the Japanese company to be able to recover from this scandal. What they will need to do is get to the bottom of who is to blame very quickly and with extreme public transparency.

Although the only automotive market affected is Japan, it has been rumoured that the i-MIEV, which is sold in the UK, may also be affected. So, it might be worth preparing yourself for a recall…