The Renault Twizy and David Guetta in Geneva 0

The Geneva Motor Show this year was made that extra bit special with the appearance of David Guetta and his wife Cathy. Both were on hand to present the Renault Twizy at the Geneva Motor Show this year. The international DJ, on top of the music charts throughout the world has been signed up by Renault for one year as part of the Twizy’s marketing campaign.

Plug into positive energy

Cathy and David Guetta are promoting the Twizy campaign of “Plug into positive energy”. As ambassadors for the project, David Guetta will remix the Alphabeat song which appears on his latest album Nothing but the Beat. David himself will feature in the video named “Alphabeat—Plug into the positive energy” which will be directed by So Me. The company has already directed videos for the likes of Kanye West and Justice. The film is set to premiere later this month in Paris on March 27th for a private party at L’Ateilier Renault.

Natural choice

Stephen Norman the Senior Vice President for Global Marketing & Communication for Renault said how David and Cathy Guetta were natural choices for the whole positive energy movement. His exact words were “The partnership with David and Cathy Guetta was a natural choice. For Renault Twizy, a full-electric urban tandem featuring one-of-a-kind styling and targeting the rising generation, we wanted a strong and indisputable icon whose positive energy, French roots and international success embody this shift into a new world.”

Renault’s dedication to electric vehicles

Renault has made it clear that they are looking to the future by investing heavily in electric vehicles. They believe that 10 per cent of the worldwide car market will be made of electric cars by 2020, with themselves at the forefront. The Renault Twizy marks one of the first steps by the company in development of such cars.

The Renault Twizy

The Twizy itself is a two seater car with a wholly unique design. Labelled as an extremely fun car to drive which protective, comfortable and “daring” the Twizy looks like it could make quite an impact throughout Europe when it is released. The car will certainly turn heads with it’s unique looks.

It will be one of the cheapest electric cars around with launch prices starting from €6,990. The battery with the car will come at a price of €45 per month.