The simple mistake that can land you a hefty parking fine 0

The-simple-mistake-that-can-land-you-a-hefty-parking-fineCouncils and parking firms are using a new stealth tactic that could see thousands of motorists being hit with a completely unexpected parking fine.

Money guru, Martin Lewis has warned drivers that throwing away pay and display parking tickets can lead to a sizable bill up to two months later.

Speaking on ITV breakfast show This Morning, the money saving expert said:

“So you pay for your pay and display parking ticket, put it on your windscreen, and then leave. Job done.

“Not quite. These days it’s increasingly common for parking firms and councils to use cameras to monitor parking, not people, and that means even weeks after the date you can find a parking fine or invoice in the post.

“Having recently heard of cases where people have struggled to prove they’ve paid, I’ve checked out how long afterwards you can still be contacted.

“So I’ve a new warning rule of thumb. Keep your pay and display tickets for two months at least.”

Martin gave drivers a couple of ways to keep up with your tickets and avoid unfair charges.

He said: “Why not keep an envelope in your car to put them in as you go, then when it’s filled empty it into a drawer at home.

“You could also take a photo of them before you throw them out so that way if you’re chased later than expected you do have some proof.”

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