The ten most eccentric Ferraris: #10 – The Ferrari 408 4RM 0

The-ten-most-eccentric-Ferraris-No10-The-Ferrari-408-4RMThroughout the world, the Ferrari brand is revered as the pinnacle of motoring beauty, performance and glamour. The list of iconic Ferraris is a long one: the Testarossa, 250 TR, F40 – all classic editions of a stable of sheer thoroughbred excellence. Aside from the triumphs, there have been some less celebrated, and more eccentric editions to the Ferrari stable. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a look at them. Today we start by looking back to 1987 and the…

Ferrari 408 4RM

Essentially, technology wise, all Ferrari’s later offerings started here, with the 408 4RM. It was the company’s first dabbling with four-wheel drive, and only two models were produced.

The twin hand-built prototypes came before the 4WD FF by almost 30 years; the 408 4RM marked the Italian car maker’s first attempt at rethinking four-wheel drive by way of an elaborate, hydraulically operated system.

Had the prototype ever made it to production, there are plenty of signs that it could have been something special. The mid to late eighties were a period when the Italians were in fine fettle, producing some cracking cars. The 408 4RM had plenty of parallels with the level of genius infused throughout the F40. A rear-mid mounted, quad-cam, four-litre V8 was excellent for 300bhp, and it was dry-sumped, so the oil was kept where it was needed – in the corners. With the potency generated by an engine that capable, the vehicle’s relatively low weight of just 1340 kg, suggests the 4RM was rather very quick under the circumstances. All this was topped off by the 4RM’s fully independent, dual-wishbone front and rear suspension.

Ferrari never got further than the two test prototypes and we’ll never know their true capabilities, the picture above offers a tasty little insight of what might have been…

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