The ten most eccentric Ferraris: No.08 – The Ferrari P4/5 0

The-ten-most-eccentric-Ferraris-No08-The-Ferrari-P4-5Today, we pick up where we left off, on our list of the lesser known, and more eccentric editions of the Ferrari stable. Nowhere near as revered as the iconic classics, such as the Testarossa, 250 TR or the F40, our ten more unique models each have a fascinating story of their own. Any car, sporting the yellow horse on its bonnet, will always draw attention from the massed ranks of the adoring Tifosi, and today’s offering is no different. So, let’s have a look at the…

 Ferrari P4/5

The Italian car design firm Pininfarina deserves admiration. Its designs of course, are more often than not remarkable, but its business design model also deserves a certain amount of credit. Take this episode for example: The Company approaches astronomically rich stock market mogul James Glickenhaus and bags £3.5 million. Then, they persuade Glickenhaus to buy the last-ever Ferrari Enzo and send it over. Incredibly beautiful bodywork; reminiscent, but not copying the legendary P3/4 race car of the 1960s. The final step is to reveal the car for the first time in all its splendour at an adoring crowd at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

All of that pretty impressive in itself, but in addition, they then dropped 270kg off the weight of a standard Enzo, hugely improved the overall aerodynamics, and boosted the power available from the Enzo’s V12 to 660bhp which is remarkable. Therefore, all things considered, perhaps this is the ultimate Enzo, even if the slightly crazy FXX is taken into account.

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