The ten most eccentric Ferraris: No.7 – The Ferrari Pinin 0

The-ten-most-eccentric-Ferraris-No7-The-Ferrari-PininToday we revisit our list of Ferrari’s more eccentric and obscure editions by taking a look back at the…

Ferrari Pinin

Before the Pinin – there was the Ferrari 400, which didn’t offer an awful lot to get excited about – unless there was an award for the least attractive Ferrari ever constructed, in which case it would most probably win. Featuring a dull, uninspiring three box design that killed off any chance of it becoming a great GT car, in the same manner as the Colombo V12, with its limited-slip diff and fully independent, dual-wishbone suspension and hydraulic, self-levelling shocks.

Pininfarina therefore, decided there was quite clearly a lot of ground to be made up. To go some way to do this, they decided to use the unattractive 400 to create the first four-door Ferrari ever. What resulted was – whilst not exactly ‘beautiful’ – but it made a lot more sense than the previous incarnation.

With rear doors to facilitate the rear seats, the three-box design suddenly made sense. In fact, it would be true to say that the Pinin has some of the smoothest lines ever featured on a four door saloon. Add to that the Ferrari flat-12 under the bonnet and you’re suddenly looking at something with a bit of poke.

And that was the story how the ugly duckling 400 blossomed into a – sort of Swan.

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