The worst cars ever tested: #10 The 2003 Nissan Murano 0

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On the surface, the Murano was a considerable success for Nissan. It certainly looked striking, so much so that it was used as an inspirational example of the firm’s new design direction, a firm pointer towards where Nissan, as a brand, intended to go.

It sold well too, an upscale interior and compact overall size proved popular with the public. When it scooped the North American Truck of the Year Award, it seemed the Murano could do no wrong.

Then it was tested…

Early on during the testing process, the red flag was raised by Consumer Reports (the US standards authority) when it was found the Murano’s steering would stiffen when it hard cornered, thereby making it difficult to control.

Such was the level of concern about the problem, Consumer Reports refused to recommend the Murano despite its popularity, until the issue was fixed. Nissan to their credit took steps to eradicate the problem, and later editions of the Murano were positively reviewed.

The corrective action by the Japanese car maker showed a remarkable degree of humility for an industry behemoth, especially when compared to the initial attitude taken by VW, before and once the diesel emissions scandal broke just over a decade later.

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