The worst ever Ferraris 0

The-worst-ever-FerrarisFerrari: a brand that will always be associated with class, style, speed and glamour. To drive a Ferrari is often seen as the embodiment of having ‘made it’. After all, if you can afford to own a Ferrari, you must have money to burn, right?

Not necessarily, today we continue our list of Ferrari’s less illustrious models. Starting with the hog that was the…

1980 Ferrari Mondial

The fact that a Mondial is usually the cheapest second-hand Ferrari you can buy say a great deal. While lots of Ferraris maintain their value through the years, and various others rocket in value, the Mondial is more often than not, the cheapest route into Ferrari ownership.

Perhaps this is because even Ferrari describes the Mondial’s performance as “somewhat leisurely”, mainly due to a larger, long wheelbase body that was much heavier than its predecessor (308 GT4). It also didn’t help much that the Mondial’s 3.0-litre V8 offered early fuel injection that limited power to a slightly flat 157kW, resulting in performance that fell well short of a modern hot-hatch.

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