Top 5 best first cars 0

Getting your first car is one of those moments in life you never forget. That exhilarating moment you’ve finally get a set of wheels of your own for the first time.

Choosing a suitable first car is not without its difficulties. There are a lot of options out there. Finding a good balance between the demands of your heart and your head is a delicate task. Beneath we’ve listed five top motors that act as excellent first vehicles for new drivers.


  1. Seat Ibiza – the connected one

Top-5-best-first-cars2The Ibiza makes for a fantastic first car. A skilful fusion of the build quality you’d expect from a Volkswagen, with a smattering of Latin style, and the latest top quality technology. It’s not just a pretty face; the chassis gives top handling, and plenty of grip. If you go for the Connect model, you can link your Smartphone, allowing you to access some of your apps through the car’s touch screen system. Elsewhere in the range, prices begin at a very affordable level with models that easily average 69mpg and are parked comfortably in very low insurance groups.


  1. The Ford Fiesta – the popular one

Top-5-best-first-cars1The Fiesta has been the top-selling car in Britain for some time now, and there are plenty of reasons why. As well as being an attractive little car, its expert combination of comfort and highly compact handling makes it the easily the best-driving car in its class. Inside, there’s a surprising amount of room, with plenty of space for backseat passengers. Because of the sheer number of Fiestas manufactured, it’s usually quite an easy job to find yourself a bargain.


  1. Volkswagen Up – the high class one

Top-5-best-first-cars3Just because you’re driving a small car, doesn’t mean it necessarily has to feel like one. The Volkswagen Up may be the smallest car in the VW line-up but it easily has all the class and quality of its larger family members. Because of its diminutive stature, it can easily weave its way through congested city streets, and once free of the trappings of the city, it drives with style and refinement. The most basic versions are in the lower insurance groups, and every model averages at least 60mpg. In addition, there’s the reassurance of a five-star safety rating from the Euro NCAP.


  1. Dacia Sandaro – the bargain one

Top-5-best-first-cars4The Sandaro gets you the most ‘car’ for what you’re paying. At the same cost as a city car, you’re getting a vehicle larger than the majority of super-minis, or put another way: for the price of a used larger car, you can get a brand new car with a full warranty. There’s a fairly good specification too, too – providing you avoid the most basic model – and, where as it may not have the best quality cabin, or the latest technology, it’s well built and feels very durable.


  1. The Mini – the trendy one

Top-5-best-first-cars5Just because you’re buying your first car, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. And style is something the Mini has bags of. With a multitude of different personalisation options, it’s possible to create a genuinely unique model. The latest model is also a real pleasure to drive, with a lovely sporty feel that makes every journey enjoyable. The Mini is definitely a more expensive purchase, with insurance costs higher than with many of its similar sized equivalents, but the car’s popularity and style keeps the residual sales value high.