Toyota expanding operations in the UK 0

Toyota is adding 1,500 jobs to the UK automotive sector. In what a very welcoming piece of news for the car industry, Toyota plan to add the jobs to their Derbyshire factory over the next two years. It is estimated that 8 out of 10 vehicles to be made at the Toyota Burnaston plant will be exported.

Bombardier staff welcomes to apply

The announcement from Toyota will be inspiring to Bombardier staff, with its rail plant in Burnaston releasing 1,400 staff in the future. This is due to the company failing to secure a contract from the Government. It was a lucrative contract worth £1.4 billion which the company were supposed to create trains for the Thameslink rail route.

Tony Walker, the deputy head of UK manufacturing for Toyota, has given encouragement to Bombardier workers. He said “People who work in Derby are used to an environment where quality is first and foremost. They are people who are used to working in engineering and manufacturing. We will welcome applications from Bombardier and former Bombardier staff.”

Supplier’s to receive more business

Toyota’s job expansion at its Derby plant is also good news for suppliers in the area according to Mark Adams, the Toyota Europe head of purchasing. He said “It is an announcement that secures the supply chain as well as creating jobs at Toyota.”

Quality British workforce- David Cameron

David Cameron has recently the toured the Burnaston Toyota plant. He hailed the current state of the British automotive industry at present. He said “The British car industry is doing well and that’s because of the quality of our workforce, the quality of our skills and the fact that Britain is a pro-manufacturing country that wants to succeed in this industry,” The comments come  after 1,750 jobs were recently created at Jaguar Land Rover.

Western Europe rather than Eastern Europe

Toyota has justified the reasoning behind expanding operations on this side of Europe as supplier base for Toyota is much stronger here in the UK.

At present manufacturing in Eastern Europe is a more viable option for automotive companies as the motor industry is in a healthier state and wages are cheaper.

Overseas operations

The addition of Toyota jobs here in the UK is a sign of the company looking to expand their overseas operations. With the current crisis in Japan at the moment, we can expect Toyota to make more announcements of a similar nature.

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