UK drivers caught speeding in EU face fines of £640 0

UK-drivers-caught-speeding-in-EU-face-fines-ofWoe betides any UK motorists caught speeding in the EU this summer. An alteration to an EU law means offenders could be charged up to £640 in penalties.

The new laws, which will come into place on the 6th May, give European nations the power to acquire license details from the UK’s DVLA.

Eight separate offenses will be covered by the new initiative, including failing to wear a seatbelt and driving whilst using a handheld mobile phone. European authorities will be able to impose penalties of £640 (€750) to UK motorists caught exceeding the speed limit by 31mph.

Up till now, Britain had been exempt from the rules, with European authorities only being able to fine UK motorists if they were in a hire car, or stopped by roadside police.

A spokesman for the RAC said: “It is right that any UK driver found to be breaking motoring laws in another European country should face the relevant penalty as this has been an unacceptable loophole for many years, but equally, it is also right that any motorist in charge of a European-registered vehicle speeding or committing another offence, should face the consequences in their own country.”

RAC Foundation Director, Steve Gooding, said in a statement: “No one is saying Brits should escape prosecution for motoring offences they commit on the continent, but we surely need a system that ensures EU drivers breaking our traffic rules can expect the same?”

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