What are Boris Johnson and TFL going to do with their Road Budget for 2016/2017? 0

‘Tis the season for budgets after budgets after budgets… And TFL and the London mayor have decided how to spend their money on making London’s roads better for everyone. With a £4billion invested in furthering the safety of London’s roads, how much can be done?

What-are-Boris-Johnson-and-TFL-going-to-do-with-their-Road-Budget-for-2016-2017From the £4billion, there will be £20million worth of investment simply in a high-tech road safety.  This scheme will be accomplished through hi-tech modernization rather than through sings, cameras and safety advertisement campaigns. Could this new idea actually work then? The proposed plans would see the creation of innovative junction designs, hi-tech traffic lights and more pedestrian crossings. The hi-tech budget will also help to add technology to buses, cabs and lorries in order to aid in the safety of cyclists and pedestrians across London. The reason behind the £20million hi-tech road safety investment is to help Boris Johnson cut serious road casualties by 50% in the coming years. But, with fancy traffic lights and junctions, wouldn’t that just confuse motorists all across London?

With the rest of TFL’s road budget, also known as the ‘Road Modernisation Plan’, there will be major improvements to roads all across London. There haven’t been much information released on what is planned for the budget but, quite a large amount of the £4billion will be invested into cyclists rather than other motorists. But, in investing in cyclists surely the tense relationship motorists and cyclists on London’s roads will ease. So what have TFL said they are going to do with the ‘Road Modernisation Plan’ budget of 1016/2017? TFL have said that they:

  • Create eight cycle super highway routes
  • There will be an improvement at Elephant & Castle
  • There will be safety improvements at Bow interchange
  • Work will begin on a further five ‘Quietway’ cycle routes, in addition to the two currently under construction.
  • And also, the ‘mini-Holland’ cycling infrastructure in Waltham Forest, Enfield Town and Kingston-upon-Thames will be improved upon

In fairness, the budget seems to fairly benefit all those who live in London, let’s just hope that the investment pays off for all.