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This is a guest blog by Servicing Stop PR Executive Jacqueline Gordon

Autonomous cars – the latest stage in the evolution of the automobile. Able to drive themselves, take control, reduce road-traffic accidents and ensure we stick within the speed limit. The self-driving, four-wheeled runarounds will have minds of their own and could potentially save thousands of lives – but, is any of this really a good enough reason to give driving licenses to our younger teenagers? Apparently so, if a new survey is to be believed.

The study, by online car servicing provider, Servicing Stop, asked more than 1,100 motorists if they thought the age limit of the driving license should decrease, should all cars became autonomous.

While the majority were unconvinced, more than 40% said yes – given the car’s ability to take control and override the decisions of its driver. That’s more than a third of the driving population that believe the driving age limit should decrease, should a complete shift to autonomous vehicles occur.

While some are unconvinced that self-driving cars will ever become a reality, others think it could happen in just five years. The majority of motorists however believe it will take at least 25 years – a date that will also mark the end of traditional diesel fuelled vehicles and see the transition to mainstream electric. A quarter of motorists surveyed predict autonomous cars becoming the norm in just 11 years time.

Similarly, more than two thirds of drivers would rather a newly qualified driver owned an autonomous vehicle than drive a conventional human-driven car. Just 38% of motorists would rather they opted for a traditional vehicle.

One thing the majority of motorists can unanimously agree on is the future of driving tests. A massive 88% of drivers envision future driving tests including a section on how to control an autonomous car.

CEO and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond, said: “There have been massive developments in the automotive industry with regards to autonomous vehicles recently. We are already seeing driverless lorry convoys trialled on motorways and Rolls-Royce have proposed building an autonomous naval ship, but could we see a massive change to motoring legislation in terms of reducing the legal age limit?

“Bringing down the age limit in keeping with a move to autonomous vehicles could see more people on the roads, but whether or not the roads will be safer is still up for discussion.”

How long do you think it will take for ALL cars to become autonomous? Result
21 – 25 years 50%
16 – 20 years 14%
11 – 15 years 25%
6 – 10 years 9%
1 – 5 years 2%


Given that autonomous cars are considered safer to drive given their ability to stick to road law. If a 17-year old had just passed their test and both cars were the same price, would you rather they drove? Result
An autonomous car 63%
A conventional, human-driven car 38%


Do you think future driving tests will include a section on how to control an autonomous car? Result
Yes 88%
No 12%


If all cars were to become autonomous, do you think the age limit on driving should decrease? Result
Yes 59%
No 41%


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