Will there be a new 80mph speed limit introduced? 0

At the start of the year we heard of a new 80mph speed limit being introduced. What were the main reasons? To boost our economy will faster travelling roads along with providing various environmental benefits too.

Is it about time the motorways were made faster?

Since 1965 the UK has had the same speed limit and is currently lagging behind countries such as Ireland, Germany, Italy and Spain. Journey times will be reduced which in turn naturally benefits the economy it has been claimed.

News not confirmed as of yet

There are contradicting reports regarding this subject throughout the press. Some sources have dismissed it as this subject as mere speculation. However the Daily Mail has reported that talks are set to commence on the 2nd of October, with the Collation in full support.


Naturally there have been concerns and critics. Road safety charity, Brake, have said there will more chance of deaths and injuries if the new 80mph speed limit is introduced. They have also claimed that traffic and journey times may not be reduced, with an “un-even” traffic flow over the roads.  It has also been said by many that the speed limit will not help reduce carbon emissions. This will prove to be a stumbling block as reducing C02 emissions is a major priority for the Government.


The AA is one major automotive company who are in full support. They said that the speed limit introduced in the 1960’s was made for cars that were made during that era. Now cars are more advanced, they are able to drive faster with ease and therefore should have a speed limit that represents that.

Do drivers abuse the 70mph speed limit regardless?

It is well known that the police don’t tend to stop motorists who decide who drive at 80mph, with those who do get stopped rarely prosecuted. Statistics show that around half of drivers on our motorways do exceed the speed limit. Does it make sense to make the 80mph speed limit official?

Britain does have one of the safest roads in the Europe and the World. Could the current motorway speed limit contribute to the how well Britain’s roads are compared to others throughout the world?

Our article may have valid points from both points of the scale, but that’s exactly how this type of argument shapes out to be. Is the 80mph speed limit a good idea? It has not been confirmed when it will be introduced if at all.

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