Will there be an eyesight test for all drivers? 0

Driving with poor eyesight is as bad as when you drive when intoxicated.  Many experts have called and have been making pleas with the Government to set compulsory eyesight tests.

This is due to four million UK motorists not meeting the legal eyesight requirement apparently. Some believe that the number could indeed be a lot higher.

Poor measure of testing

If you remember taking your driving test, you will remember that you had to read your test car’s number plate from a distance of 65 meters. If you require glasses or contact lenses then you will need to read the plate whilst wearing them. This is considered a poor way of testing a drivers eyesight, with a minimum number of people failing per year.

Legal Requirement

As a legal requirement, that level of eyesight is needed. As drivers get older and time goes on, eyesight naturally deteriorates. The average age of drivers is also increasing, another reason as to why there are more and more calls for eyesight tests.

Dr Young

Dr Young, a very well respected leading driver specialist said that results of a recent study were highly conclusive. He said that the eyesight test does not test your eyes when actually driving. Many agree that he does have a point. He was quoted to have said that “We also need regular, compulsory eyesight checks for all drivers to identify those with poor vision. Too many are driving with no margin for error – what if a child runs out in front?”

At the moment once you pass your test and get your driving license, you eyesight is not questioned again. Who knows exactly how many drivers do not meet the current legal requirement. It is quite a dangerous and scary thought.  A decision is expected to made by the Government later this year.


The RAC found that most people would indeed pay for an eyesight test when surveying 991 adults. Professor Stepehen Glaister, the director of the RAC Foundation said  “Introducing an eye test to coincide with the 10-year driving licence renewal period would be a medically robust and practical way to ensure vision is up to scratch. His organisation wants a consultation room eye test for drivers. “The plate test gives only a very basic indication, but a full exam looks at all aspects of sight and its effect on driving,”

The Government is said to be currently under great consideration as to whether actually introduce the laws here in the UK.